Your G-Seed benefits

Advanced plant breeding activities and varieties development

Varieties tested under the different climatic environments in Europe

A wide range of varieties in several crops fulfilling the requirements of modern farmers

Our own certified seed production under the official seed control

A fair cost benefit ratio

An experienced and skilled team committed to providing the best service

With G-Seed, the field is well set for your success

G-Seed varieties are exclusively available at RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria AG or at RWA subsidiaries in various countries.

  • High yields and a great performance

    G-Seed varieties are giving high yields and a good performance to maximize your financial returns.

  • Innovations in main and niches crops

    G-Seed brings innovations to the farmers not only in main crops but also additionally in niches crops, which enhance the farmer’s freedom of variety choice.

  • A great cost-benefit-ratio

    G-Seed varieties are a great option for farmers who are looking for a fair cost-benefit-ratio.

With G-Seed you can rely on high quality production & intensive testing

  • Strict quality standards

    We multiply our varieties on carefully selected farms. Strict quality standards ensure the high quality of our certified seeds, which are controlled by the official authorities.

  • Thorough testing

    All our varieties are intensively tested. RWA carries out field trials at more than 50,000 micro plots across Europe to assess the performance of all varieties in different climate conditions.

With G-Seed you can rely on modern processing & constant innovation

  • Modern processing plants

    Our modern processing plants are producing the G-Seed high quality seeds in Central Europe.

  • Constant innovation

    Our investments into the varietal development ensure an innovative portfolio for a modern agriculture. Our breeders with over 100 years of experience in cereal breeding and over 60 years of experience in breeding soy beans, field beans, corn, pumpkin and other crops ensure a constant supply of new material. We regularly obtain registrations of new varieties.

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