RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria Aktiengesellschaft

Raiffeisenstraße 1
A-2100 Korneuburg
Tel.: +43/2262/755 50-0


Executive Board of RWA AG

General Director: DI Reinhard Wolf

Board Director: Stefan Mayerhofer

Board Director: Christoph Metzker

Supervisory Board of RWA AG

Chairman: ÖR DI Dr. Johann Lang

1st Deputy: Klaus Josef Lutz

2nd Deputy: ÖR Ludwig Hubauer

3rd Deputy: Andreas Helber

4th Deputy: ÖR Alois Hausleitner

5th Deputy: DI Manfred Nüssel

Further Members:

Mag. Erwin Hameseder

Roland Schuler

Ursula Bruckberger

Christopher Cech

DI Dr. Marianne Hietz

Andreas Habith


  • RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria Handel und Vermögensverwaltung eGen, Raiffeisenstraße 1, A-2100 Korneuburg
  • BayWa AG, Arabellastraße 4, D-81925 Munich


  • Trading with all types of goods and, in particular, with equipment required in and the products of the agricultural and forestry sectors and all related commercial and scientific activities in the areas of agriculture and forestry, gardening, construction-related consumer goods and other industries;
  • The storage and handling, processing and utilisation of agricultural and forestry products;
  • The manufacture of products and the delivery of services of all types, including the repair and maintenance of machines, equipment and vehicles and the provision of services in the areas of automatic data processing and information technology, the leasing of all types of machinery and equipment, the construction and operation of all types of plant and equipment;
  • The company is permitted to undertake all transactions and measures which appear necessary in order to achieve these corporate objectives and, in particular, to acquire and sell property and participations and to establish domestic and international subsidiaries; banking and insurance activities are excluded.
  • Registered Office: Korneuburg
  • Place of Jurisdiction: Vienna
  • Commercial Register Court: Regional Court, Korneuburg
  • Commercial Register Number: 159839 h
  • Member of the Economic Chambers of Vienna, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Styria
  • VAT Identification Number (UID): ATU 43010905
  • URL:


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